For many guitarists, there is nothing more appealing than a vintage guitar. Not only is the craftsmanship of many vintage instruments superior, but there is also a romance in playing an instrument with 30-50 years of history. This explains why the most valuable and sought after guitars on the market are the 50's-60's stratocasters and telecasters. Our goal is to put into the hands of our customers, a hand built guitar that carries the same vintage look and feel as a 50 year old guitar. Your guitar will be built by luthier, Tyler White. The highest quality wood, hardware, and electronics are used on these instruments. Even though a big part of what we do focuses on the appearance of our instruments, our overall priority is that you receive a guitar that plays and sounds great. All of our finishing is done with 100% Nitrocellulose lacquer, to get as close to the original as possible.  For custom orders, please e-mail us at